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The Talented Artists Project (TAP) provides artists with the support they need to create productively and without interruption. TAP understands that every creator is unique, each with their own motivations and ambitions. TAP aspires to understand the artist’s needs and work with them to build the organization required to sustain a lucrative career.


TAP uses the term artist ambiguously. An artist is a creative person in any industry whether it be entertainment, fashion, sports, architecture or business. The process of creative ideation is a similar one across most mediums. What differs are the tools required. TAP provides these tools by drawing from decades of diverse experience and a robust network of advisors.



Kenneth (Kenn) Alexander began his professional career in the United States military serving in both the Navy and Army. Following his Navy enlistment, Kenn co-founded an event marketing company, executing programs for clients such as Mars Inc, Budweiser, Safilo Group, and Sony Music. Although experiencing rapid growth, Kenn dissolved his business to join the Army in support of the Global War on Terror.


Upon completion of his Army contract, Kenn returned to the business of entertainment and arts with an investment in the fashion industry and began consulting in the fields of marketing and media. As a consultant, Kenn has worked with clients such as AT&T, Diageo, MLB, HBO, ESPN, and Monster Energy. Recognizing the trend of artists serving as both creator and platform, Kenn founded TAP to provide development and operational support for artists to expand their careers and build their businesses.


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